February is quickly approaching, which means the beginning of Black History Month will soon be here!  After runway practice, I went to visit a beautiful sim, Virtual Harlem, and was amazed at the 1930’s theme and artifacts on the sim.  If you appreciate Black History, Please visit this sim!  Also, stay tuned for a big Black History Month event to be held at Virtual Harlem!


..For now, enjoy my styling!

Downtown Harlem


Shirt and Leggins: Chanktare Twigs 2012 for The Fashion Garrett

Fur Stole: Aoharu Classic Drape Suit (Olive)

Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (Brown)

Hair: Chantkare Hair – Tonnelle Updo Brunette

Earrings: Kunglers Extra Ipomoea Copper

Belt: Glow Studio *JA* Chain Belt Gold

Nails: Candy Nail Tresor Red

Makeup: The Body Co. Orchid – Makeup (Smart)


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