My Secret Harajuku Life



I really enjoy all of the colors and youthful looks of Harajuku Street Fashion. It makes me feel young, exciting, full of life. Harajuku brings out the fun in fashion!  A big thanks to my SL Niece Fuyuko Zane for the lm’s to these wonderful stores!



Style Card


Shirt: Amerie – Layered Tshirts (Yellow)

Skirt: Amerie – LoC_Skirt (Pink)

Tights: Faded Ink– Cutie Pie Leggings #4

Shoes: [Gos] GTFO Boots in Bubblegum

Hair: *BC322 Rainbow Cotton Choco
Tie: Dorky Nerd Tie – Purple


Belt: ~Pepper~  Calypso Giano Belt – Multi

Arm Warmers: RedPhosphorus- Arm Warmer Glitch (Berry Pink)

Makeup: Pink Acid– Rainbow Bright Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, and Blush


Photographer: Angellina Freschi




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