“Color of Fashion” Stephen Burrows

Today marks the second day of Black History Month.  As a young adult, I have seen many people in my generation, and of my ethnicity simply ignore and joke about this month and what impact it has to African-American History. After pondering on the issue, I came to a very blunt conclusion: If I am not helping to solve the problem, then I am part of the problem.  In conclusion, I have decided to blog the biographies and achievements of African-Americans who have contributed to the fashion industry, photography industry, and performing arts.   Unfortunately, since my schedule in RL and SL are pretty full, I will not post a full biography for each blog in this series. Instead, each day, I will post a link to the person’s biography, as well as photos of the person(s) for you to browse at your own convenience. It is my hopes that my readers will leave each blog learning something new about African-American History, and hopefully become inspired!

My first post in this blogging series will be about the wonderful Stephen Burrows!




Click here for Stephen Burrow’s Biography

Stephen Burrows lit up the runway with his colorful designs in the 70’s.  Restarting his line in 2002, he has continue to shape the face of fashion, not only in the African-American community, but the entire fashion community as well!


Here are a few pictures from his Spring 2012 RTW Collection:

Photo Credits: http://nymag.com/Photo Credits: http://nymag.com/Photo Credits: http://nymag.com/



Love his collection and want to see more?  You can visit New York Fashion Magazine’s site and view his collection throughout the years!





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