African Water Princess

After shopping at the Culture Shock Sim, I found some “staple” pieces that I have put in my ethnic folder on Second Life.

I found a new store called Plank Couture in Second Life that sells some very interesting pieces.  If anyone is looking for out of the ordinary pieces to add to your wardrobe, I strongly suggest visiting this store!

Here is a picture I created called “African Water Princess” with my findings at Plank Couture:

SL Style Check 73

Hair: Plank Couture Leo Widowa Pellus

Vase/Pot: Plank Couture Aquarius Aqua

Bathing Suit: Hucci Asymmetrical Swimuit – Peach Snakeskin

Necklace and Earrings: Paper Couture Bone Feather Set

Bracelet: A la Folie Elephant Bios

Body Paint: HANDVERK Ndidi Body Paint – Dots (recolored by me)


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