Strolling In Harlem (Again)

Virtual Harlem in Second Life is one of the most educational and beautiful sims I have visited. It always gives me inspiration when I am styling or designing something in my free time.

Today, I would like to share one of my styling I wore while Strolling in Harlem.

Strolling in Harlem

Style Card:

Jumpsuit: NYU Jumpsuit in Nude

Coat (sleeve and collar) : Osakki (store is now closed)   Polar Coat – Brown Bear

Hat: LaGyo Inga Hat

Purse: LaGyo Desperado Bag

Gloves: Shi Gloves – Brown

Belt: *Shai* Dania Leather Waistband

Earrings: FzaPP Bello Earrings

Makeup: R.icielli

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