Happy Holidays!


I wanted to take this photo of the wonderful Formal Outfit I wore at the finals of Miss Virtual World yesterday. A Big thank you to my designers. I am a shy person in RL, so when it came to approaching all of you, I was so nervous to receive your response! Each of you were very patient with me, and very accepting of my ideas and concepts for this styling. I hope I made your creations look as beautiful as you made me feel on yesterday. I gave it my all, and I am glad I had you all there to support me.

**Stay Tuned for my National Outfit**

Dress: Ladies Who Lunch Daria Dress (Available Soon)

Hair: EMO-Tion’s Shelby ( Available Soon)

Jewelry: Modern Couture (Available Soon)

To my friends and followers, I hope you have a great holiday, and I wish you all the best. Thanks for following me through this great journey!


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